Active FUEL

Active FUEL is combustible hyper activator. It reduces fuel consumption, improves engine performance, increases its power, extends service life and significantly improves the environmental performance of the exhaust gases.

About Active FUEL

What is Active FUEL
Active FUEL was developed by an international engineering company that operates in the field of internal combustion engines.
Active FUEL activates fuel in the fuel system of internal combustion engines by monitoring the flow rate and adjusts the parameters of the reactor to achieve optimal ionization. It accelerates combustion and improves engine performance. Active FUEL significantly improves environmental performance exhaust, reduces soot particles in the exhaust gas of diesel and gasoline. It increases power under dynamic loads and reduces fuel consumption depending on the chemical composition of the fuel. It causes consolidation of sulfur in diesel larger than 5mkm, allowing, if necessary, to be caught in the filter. This leads to a further reduction of sulfur oxides in the exhaust gases and extends the engine life.
Active FUEL is developed for a wide range of internal combustion engines for cars, trucks, construction equipment and machinery, agricultural machinery and equipment, locomotives, ships and other specialized transport equipment. The activator meets international requirements under ISO 16750. It is sustainable on electromagnetic, environmental and vibrational effects.
Active FUEL is officially represented by Eco Power Systems LTD.
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  • Reduces fuel consumption between 9% and 16%
  • Improves engine power up to 15%
  • Increases dynamics up to 9%
  • Provides sustainable work with low-quality fuel
  • Reduces black carbons in the exhaust gas (diesel) - up to 55%
  • Reduces of CO in the exhaust gas (petrol) – up to 30%
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